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To eliminate bad outcomes from trade tensions, further op

pening-up in China’s services sector, together with high-tech development supported by artificial intelligence, will help lift Chinese economic growth from 6.3 percent to around 7 percent by 2035, said Zhu Min, a former deputy managing director at the IMF. “Market-oriented reform and opening-up will improve productivity in the service sector, whi ch is an important […]

Roughly 20 years ago, when China’s admission to the

World Trade Organization was being negotiated, China’s economy was ti ny as a portion of world GDP. It was clearly a poor, less-developed country that, except in a f ew areas, was not able to compete with Western companies in high-value-added products. As Alexander Hamilton, the first US Treasury secretary, argued, a developing country may […]

Earnings growth may sustain at a rather high speed

Wang Yang, an analyst with Soochow Securities based in Suzhou, Jia ngsu province, said that apart from the economic recovery underpinned by su pportive policies, cyclical factors also imply that earnings growth will continue to recover in the rest of the year. According to Wang, the current profit cycle of A-share companies started from 2 […]

Contents regarding collective copyright managem

ent organizations, including stock image platforms, have been debatable and remain a key issue among lawmakers,” she said. “I believe such copyright agencies will be regulated in the future version of the law after Visual China’s incident, and our IP protection will also be further strengthened thanks to the case,” she added. Different from many […]

The two drafts are under their third readings at the

ongoing session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. The emphasis on objectivity and impartiality was suggested after the drafts’ seco nd readings, as legal experts pointed to the importance of procurators to objectively collect evidence. The new drafts also stipulate tighter supervision over judges and p rocurators and give them more responsibilities […]

Intl professionals’ exchange conference wraps up in Shen

More than 3,000 cooperation intentions were reached between Chinese government dep artments and professional organizations, training agencies and overseas talent at the 17th Conf erence on International Exchange of Professionals, which wrapped up in Shenzhen on Monday. Over 1,500 enterprises, including well-known companies like Tencent, Huawei, Pin gan, Vanke and BYD, presented talent with nearly […]