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urged to avoid more damage to China tiesonly

Beijing urged Washington on Saturday “not to go too far” in harming China’s interest s, and called for it to change course to avoid further damaging bilateral ties. China firmly opposes the United States’ recent remarks and actions that harmed China’s interests, in cluding its resorting to political means to suppress normal operations of Chinese […]

It was also decided at the meeting to submit the dr

raft amendments to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, C hina’s top legislature, for deliberation, according to a statement after the meeting. Suggestions for revisions include adding the principle of “non-discrimination” in administrativ e licensing, substantially raising the amount of compensation for infringing exclusive rights to use trade marks, and cutting approval time […]

Their year-end report to: more than 60% less than 10000

  You care about other people’s annual bonus is coming!   Recently, the joint tencent tencent finance through financial technology think-tank, penguins wisdom cool released the 2018 ann ual bonus survey report, through investigating several cities in China their year-end data, from the regional, industry, year-end bonuses, such as financing, plans to spend multiple dimensions show to […]